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The Osteoporosis Story: Broken Bones or Broken System  examines the historical 1992 redefining of osteoporosis, the multi-billion dollar drug and device industry that burgeoned in the wake of the new definition, and the untold numbers of adverse health events that occurred as a consequence.  The documentary covers the essentials on bone metabolism, details the serious limitations and risks of past and current osteoporosis drug therapies, and questions how ‘evidence-based’ medicine can favour profit before patient safety.  It includes women’s stories on the debilitating effects that bisphosphonate drugs like Fosamax have had on their lives; along with Swedish, Canadian, Georgetown, Harvard  and UCLA physicians’ views on the over-selling of the disease, and comments by leading medical authorities and health activists on the woeful state of much of the science behind the osteoporosis ‘epidemic’ and medicine in general. The Osteoporosis Story was written and directed by Ross Johnston and produced by JPL Productions Dunedin New Zealand.  It can be purchased on line at www.theosteoporosisstory.com


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Osteoporosis Documentary 2001

2001 documentary made in NZ by TV3 at the time of the release of Gillian’s first book on osteoporosis.

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